The pandemic has led me to an epiphany- that music is the only thing worth pursuing for me.  Over the years I have dabbled in game design,  made silly videos, and gotten involved in various other projects- all while putting music on the back burner.

I started working on Airlift because of nostalgia for old arcade games. But my heart isn’t really in it.  I don’t even play games! And while I will continue to make silly videos (I have bunch of Aussie Bob’s that just need to be edited), that’s not where my passion lies either.

Music on the other hand, while maddening at times, is like a religion. It soothes your soul. So, I am getting back into song writing and recording and have started releasing tracks that have lingered for years.

So, expect to hear more from me in the coming months- perhaps under a new name even. More on that later…